Why 3D Floor Plans Are Important For Property Buyers?

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Why 3D Floor Plans Are Important For Property Buyers? Whenever you’re marketing a property, some of you might think that the most crucial aspects in presenting the property could be a beautifully-written description and topnotch quality photographs. But, according to research, it is said that the floor plans are at the top of the buyer’s list.

So, what’s the reason behind why getting a 3D floor plan is a must when selling a property?

Property Buyers

In a study conducted by the biggest property website in UK, majority of buyers were less likely to show interest on a property without floor plans. According to research, it was also showed that 1 in 5 potential property buyers would ignore the listing that didn’t contain a 3D floor plan and would only go back to it once they’re unable to look for something else that caught their attention. For this reason, properties with floor plans are most likely the ones that are attracted to buyers compared to the ones without these.

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There are many reasons why buyers like to see a 3D floor plan design of the property. Some buyers said that they like to see floor plans so that they can quickly visualize the layout of the room to see where the rooms fit in to other rooms and to know the property’s flow. The dimensions are also an essential aspect. The buyers like to see clear dimensions so they can evaluate whether the property meets their requirements. Such dimensions may be noted on the 3D floor plans itself or beside the descriptions of the room, providing sense to the floor plans.

Through this, buyers can imagine the property as their own instead of somebody else’s because they could see how their furniture will fit in the space and see the ways on how to live with the potential or actual layout for instance if they are planning to knock-through the wall or try to reconfigure the space. Aside from that, if the buyers like to buy some pieces of furniture, they will use the floor plan as their template to design their new layout for the interior.

Practically, using 3D floor plans can offer both sellers and buyers time savings. From the perspective of the buyers, they will be able to save time when viewing the properties that have a layout that they don’t like or do not have the enough space they need. With this, sellers will also be able to save their time from showing their properties to the ones who will lose interest as soon as they step inside.

3D Floor plan Renderings are not only helpful to the buyers before property viewing. These also help them visualize the property even after they’ve viewed it. This is helpful where potential property buyers are considering constructing structural alterations to the property like creating additional rooms or knocking down the walls. Floor plans on the printed schedule may even let potential buyers to make annotations and notes when they’re in the property, which entices them to buy it.

The Bottom Line

It’s clear that the floor plans are essential in the marketing of the properties and that they offer a real advantage to the sellers. 3D floor plans are important when you’re putting your property in the market as these increase the interest, encourage viewings, and promote sales.

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